Ceiling Baffles
Ceiling Baffles in use at an indoor pool.

Architectural Acoustic Products

We can visit your facility or work from drawings and specifications. With a full range of architectural products, fabrics and colors, we can assist you in achieving the acoustical and aesthetic outcome required.

The following list represents only a fraction of our wide range of architectural and commercial offerings.

Products Include:
  • Acoustical Doors and Windows
  • Wall Panels and Ceiling Baffles
  • Acoustic Wedges for Testing and Anechoic Chambers
  • Music Rooms and Auditoriums
  • HVAC, Environmental, Mechanical Rooms
  • Headsets for office, plant and telemarketing rooms
  • Noise Cancellation

Product Samples

We offer a variety of architectural products for absorbing, blocking, masking, or canceling noise and/or vibration.
Wall Panels
Wall Panels
Ceiling Tiles
Ceiling Tiles
Woodtrends Wood Ceilings and Wall Systems
Wood Walls + Ceilings
Sound Diffusers
Sound Diffusers

Classroom Acoustics

Appropriate acoustics allow learning in our classrooms. There are several considerations when assisting schools in providing good acoustic environments for both students and teachers. Reverberation or echo within the classroom interferes with a student's ability to hear speech from the teacher or other students. The time required for the echo to diminish is called "decay time" and is measured in seconds. If the words from the teacher take 5 seconds to decay, the words spoken are often unintelligible as they are covered over by the preceding words.

Acoustic treatment of a classroom to create a good learning environment with a low reverberation rate can take many forms, depending upon the desired aesthetics. In addition to the speech within the classroom, noise from HVAC systems as well as noise from outside the classroom can be disruptive. NEVA Associates has worked with many school systems to create better learning environments using acoustic materials appropriate for school rooms.

Hearing impaired and special needs classrooms also require acoustic treatment. NEVA has predictive models to develop the correct treatment for the specific environment. Teachers report that classrooms treated for special needs children, also promote improved learning among other students, as well as creating a more pleasant environment for the teacher.

If your classroom, music practice room, cafeteria, gymnasium, library or other learning environment requires better acoustics, please contact us for a no-cost survey.

For more information on any of these architectural solutions, please contact us.