DuPont™ LoWave™
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DuPont™ LoWave™
Technical Data

Acoustic Material with Low-Frequency Attenuation

Designed as one fully customizable composite, DuPont™ LoWave™ can mitigate low, mid and high frequency acoustical energy. This highly developed acoustical material effectively reduces low frequency noise and vibration without altering machine design or existing infrastructure by using less mass, volume and weight than traditional solutions. Like a blanket, the product is conformable and has the ability to reduce noise from a variety of sources; such as heating and air conditioning systems, fans, motors and other mechanical equipment. The versatility and ease of installation enables noise engineers and acoustical consultants to specify DuPont™ LoWave™ for a variety of unique applications.

DuPont LoWave is an advanced lightweight composite capable of enhanced attenuation. A passive acoustic material, DuPont LoWave has demonstrated superior mitigation of pure tones below 400Hz without a significant increase in weight or thickness. LoWave is appropriate for many applications including industrial, military, commercial and in the transportation sector.
Neva Associates designs and supplies engineered acoustical systems for commercial, military and industrial environments. We select materials for our various acoustic composites based on the specific application and the ancillary requirements such as tensile strength, thermal reduction, air particulates. To some extent, we are able to construct a composite that reflects the priorities of the application. We have materials specifically tuned to low frequency noise in the 35 to 250 Hz ranges, frequencies that are not attenuated by typical limp mass barriers. As the materials do not rely on mass, they are lighter, flexible and easy to install into multiple applications.

Sample Data

Predictable Acoustic Performance

Variations in LoWave™ blanket design permit increased attenuation, particularly in lower frequencies. The three sample blankets in the graph represent .2 lb/ft2 (A), 1.3 lb/ft2 (B) and 1.7 lb/ft2 (C).

The composite can be configured to provide other attributes such as mitigation of pure tones, thermal insulation, abrasion resistance, waterproofing, etc. according to the demands of the application.

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