Military Application

Miltary Applications

NEVA Associates has experience in numerous military applications. Working in applications from office areas to clean rooms to the most rugged environments, we will supply acoustic materials that meet specific mil-specs as well as furnishing the required test data, MSDS reports and other necessary documentation.

Applications in military environments can be addressed with fabricated composites custom parts or bulk materials. NEVA can supply materials directly to the end-user, to the prime contractor or second tier suppliers as needed. Contact us for further details concerning our capabilities in meeting the acoustic requirements for your particular environment.

Here are two applications we've recently installed:

Flight Simulator

We participated in a national survey to determine the best material for reducing noise during pilot training. We proposed the Low Frequency Material and received a purchase order for a prototype set of blankets. As the test data is confidential to the Air Force, we are unable to present the results. However, additional sets have been ordered for the same application and the material is functioning as projected. The client presented a list of 12 material attributes that were imperative for the material to function properly in application.

The photograph shows the composite just prior to final finishing phase. In addition to designing a composite that meets rigorous acoustic parameters, the Low Frequency Material composites can be sized to fit any existing architecture or structure. As the panels can be either rigid or flexible, there are multiple installation methods that permit good fit into specific environments.

Clean Room

As this environment demanded no air particulates as well as no metal-to-metal contact, the presentation of the acoustic materials is somewhat different from the previous applications.

The surfaces of the room were all highly reflective and required the performance of a 4" thick absorbent material in 2" thick composite. The Low Frequency composite shown to the left allowed us to meet that objective.

For more information on any of these military applications, please contact us.